WWE SmackDown Live (7/18) *Live Coverage*

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Jul 18, 2017

Welcome to WWE Smackdown Live and this is the go home show for this Sunday’s WWE Battleground PPV and we kick things off with The Singh Brothers out to introduce the WWE Champion, The Modern Day Maharajah…Jinder Mahal

Mahal demands silence as The Singh Brothers go over the rules of The Punjabi Prison where there are four doors attended by four referees and once a door is open it will remain open for 60 seconds and oncde it’s shut, it remains shut and the only way to win is to climb out of both structures and the most important rule is there are no rules. No disqualification

Randy Orton comes out and says Mahal is making a conscious decision to be locked in a cage with Orton and says the only reason Mahal took the title from Orton is because he had The Singh Brothers. Orton surveys the Prison and says at Battleground Sunday they’ll be locked in this prison and there’ll be no running, no hiding, no escape.

Orton says he has nothing to lose. Mahal took his title, embarassed his family, tried to take Orton’s dignity and left him for dead. Orton begins climbing the prison and says he has nothing to lose but Mahal has everything to lose and says Mahal is the 50th champion and he has the weight of the entire country of India on his shoulders and what is Mahal going to do when the 1.3 souls consider him a disgrace and the view from the top of the prison will be Orton’s view when he leaves Jinder for dead on Sunday

Tonight: John Cena Addresses The Flag Match, AJ Styles/Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Owens/Baron Corbin and Jimmy Uso vs Kofi Kingston



jimmy with a right hand to Kingston but Kingston side steps putting the boots to Jimmy. Running dropkick in the corner by Kofi and a nearfall on Jimmy. Jimmy rushes Kingston but gets sent over the top ropes to the floor and Kingston goes airborne taking Jimmy out


Kingston rolls Jimmy back in and connects with a kick. Kingston goes to work on the arm and Jimmy back to his feet. Irish whip reversed by Kingston and Jimmy slides to the outside but Xavier Woods is standing in his way. Jimmy slides back in but gets clotheslined by Kingston. Jimmy trips Kingston up as he falls face first on the apron. Jimmy bounces Kingston’s face off the apron and now it’s Jimmy putting the boots to Kofi

Chinlock being applied by Jimmy. Kingston still in control but Kingston with a jawbreaker trying to create separation and Jimmy with a kick to the side of the face. Jimmy rushes at Kofi but Kingston nails Jimmy with a knee and executes a series of dropkicks. Boom Drop on Jimmy. Trouble In Paradise countered as Kingston’s neck collides with the top turnbuckle. Jimmy follows up but gets caught with a kick to the bridge of the nose. Kingston going airborne and Jimmy joins him

Jimmy looking for a superplex but Kofi blocks it knocking Jimmy to the mat. Jey with the distraction. Kingston airborne once more connets with a crossbody for the three count

The winner of the match: Kofi Kingston

Backstage: The women’s division is with Shane discussing who will give the most competitive match tonight and they all argue over who will fight Lana and finally the decision is made that no one will fight Lana. After thinking, Shane finally makes the decision that tonight Becky Lynch will fight Charlotte Flair


We are back from commercial and take a look back at Kurt Angle’s big announcement from last night’s Raw where it was revealed that Kurt Angle’s son is WWE Superstar Jason Jordan.


Gable says as a Smackdown superstar you never think your whole life changes after watching Raw one night and a heads up would have been nice but it changed not only Kurt’s life and Jason’s life but also Gable’s life.

Gable said they accomplished alot together by winning the Smackdown Tag Titles and he supported Gable so Gable will continue to support Jason Jordan and this is a great time for everyone to see Chad Gable on his own.


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