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Why Excluto?
We are trusted by some of the savviest LPs worldwide, including FoFs, family offices, business owners, and CXOs.
Reasons for investing in Venture Capital
Investing in Venture capital is an important ally in alternate investment strategy. Both individuals or institutions who have a longer investment horizon may choose to allocate funds to venture capital for many reasons.
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Potential for higher return beating the benchmark

Historically, VC funds have offered the potential for significantly higher returns compared to traditional asset classes like stocks, Gold and bonds.

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Diversification of portfolio

VC funds invest in a diverse range of startups across various industries and stages, offering broader diversification compared to individual stock picking. This helps spread risk and reduce reliance on the performance of any single company.

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Opportunity to support new and innovative business

Some VC funds focus on specific social or environmental impact areas, allowing investors to align their financial goals with their social and ecological values. This can offer the additional benefit of supporting positive change, added benefit includes potentially influencing their development and shaping future industry leaders.

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India's Private Investments Landscape Continues its Long-Term Growth Journey
Source(s): 1Lattice Deals database, Praxis analysis
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Promote your fund anonymously to a global audience of institutional and retail investors through the Excluto platform. List your fund on our marketplace and present it to broad and diverse pool of potential investors for increased visibility.
Enhance the overall efficiency and credibility of your fundraising efforts making it easier for potential investors to discover and invest in the fund.

Meet Our Team


CEO, Co-Founder

Apoorv has been a part of the startup world for over 12 years, holding leadership roles at IIM-A Ventures, Oracle, AICGIM, and 500Global. He believes in the power of democratization and follows the principle that increased access leads to increased adoption.

CTO, Co-Founder

Startup Co-Founder, Dev-Advocate, secret GoLang Developer, Learning to incorporate Gen AI in every product, Has also worked with Blue-Chip companies across the globe

Lead Engineer

As Excluto Lead Engineer, I oversee development, blending innovation with excellence. My focus on impactful, user-centric solutions is key to our success.

Investor Relations

At Excluto, I focus on expanding our LP and VC base worldwide, fostering meaningful and impactful connections. My mission is to bridge the gap between investors and fund managers, creating opportunities for growth and innovation in the alternative investment space.

VC Analyst

Results-driven professional with a knack for financial research and analysis. Commerce graduate from Motilal Nehru College, University of Delhi, currently gaining experience in the VC ecosystem and skilled in leveraging AI and industry tools to enhance operational efficiency.

Important Disclosure

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